Tuesday, February 03, 2009

australian open with anika

A: "Mama can I have tummus?"
Me: "Are you hungry? Do you mean hummus?"
A rolls eyes and says emphatically, " NO! Tummus with the sky."
Me: "Ya sure baby the sky ah- huh", shift attention to Nadal and Federer
A exasperated: " No! I want to tummus with a hammer and a ball in the sky!"
Me after a few moments of complete cluelessness: "Oh!! Tennis? You want to play TENNIS with a hammer(raquet) and a ball like those boys on TV?
A relieved: "Yes mama, now you understand me.."
Me wondering why sky? Ah, the hard court in Melbourne is blue. Got to love those firing neurons.


iMother2.0 said...

LOL! Toddlers must think adults are stupid! ;p Mia gives me very exasperated looks when I FINALLY get something she's talking about.

SUNSHINE said...

anj ... this is too cute. I can imagine her getting flustered with all her hand and eyes actions of desperation trying to explain to her darling mommy :) Do get your baby to take up any sport with a focussed approach. Her growth will be phenomenal in a country like the US0fA simply because of the immense and ideal opportunities they provide for kids. Love you and my lil princess ... sigh. hope she is feeling better

SUR NOTES said...

dear anika,
be patient with us mums- we are slow-but will be with it soon enough.

sanah ki ma

Kaat at MamaStories said...

blog blog blog blog!

Chris said...
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