Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Walkie Talkie!

Thumak thallo is walking all about the place. She takes the most adorable small little tentative steps and lets out little excited squeals..she gets cuter by the day and more engaging. She expresses herself really well now she makes it clear wht she wants and doesn't like. She says mama, give , go, tat thats cat and many other organic self created words. She tries to sing along with music and she dances, boy does she dance...she loves to shake her little bum especially to remixed hindi movie songs with jhankaar beats..'mere piya gaye rangoon' really gets her going..its amazing. She wants to play all the time..! She is full of energy. She is sleeping right now, what i should be doing is either cooking or lookig for a job but I'm blogging. I figured a girl needs sometime o express herself too so she doesn't burst or completely fizzle both extremes are no fun. I have to work to make time for my brain and keep up with the media even reading about it and dreaming about my film. Already I am very tempted to just get a job, any job and pick up on my career later, but that's the easy way out..I need to push myself and reinvent. Life has given me a new challenge and I need to recreate myself and come up with a solution to keep my mind alive and some moolah coming in. If I drop the film thing comepletely I'll never pick it up again. If I can't direct right now I should stay connected and edit or write or take pictures or learn some software so I can create websites and also some graphics. I need to start puttign aside 2 hours a day to do stuff just for myself.