Sunday, November 13, 2005

Craving India

Woke up early this morning, before the alarm went off. The sky outside my window was light blue with streaks of pink, it had such a fresh look to it. While I was still adjusting my eyes to the sight outside I felt a nudge on my back. Palu put his head under my arms and started purring..nice way to wake up. I went down, set up coffee, fed the cats and then stepped out into the balcony. It was cool and crisp outside. I looked at the pink tipped mountains in the distance and took a deep breath. The wind suddenly picked up and whipped my hair around my always surprises me when that happens, when a sudden gust comes out of nowhere and assails me...

I sat down to work on section 5 of the film at 7:30 as planned and said to myself, let me just check my mail..and then of course I had to just visit my blog and some favorites..Man time flies quicly when you're reading other people's blogs, especially when you go to links of others, to others, before i knew hour had passed. so ofcourse i decided to post an entry to have something concrete to show of my time.

When I read blogs of young people in India of their friends, their vacations to Goa or Uttarkashi or the koels out their windows or rickshaws, I feel like my heart will burst. It reminds me of too much of the lack of life I feel here. What I would give to look out of my window and see a gulmohur tree under which a smartly dressed child with wet neatly combed hair with a heavy yellow school bag stands and waits for his school bus, while a crow hops sideways to an abandoned piece of bread while a man on the street lights a beedi and another one feeds a brown dog a glucose biscuit. All the while a man is pushing his cart of peru to his daily spot under the tree. I miss India so much. Most times its easier to not go there at all in my mind...but at the same time I scour the internet for Indian writing to sort of pick at a scab...There is such a sad joy in reading a blog by someone in Bombay...It makes me miss having friends I can relate to at such a natural level. I know what they mean when they say things, I can see it. I crave that sense of comfort and ownership.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mama M.I.A. South Asian Sista!

Galang galang galang:Album Arular

Blaring Galang from Arular--fabulous! Recently downloaded it. Highly recommend the album to everyone! Picks me off this chair and makes me mooove..listen to it, buy it immediately. She was born Maya Arulpragasam in Sri Lanka and moved to London as a kid because of political probelms there. She is political and unique, did I mention she is also an artist? Her music is very contemporary, original and fun, fun, fun! It has a real mix of rap, hip hop, bhangraesque beats/feel, techno.. a big curry of international fabulousness, listen to believe. Ya Ya Hey! O way o way O way O O! Ya Ya Yay!
Check out her website:

Some lyrics to get a taste of the fun:

Refugee education number 2: Dash your curry like you not in hurry
Me come from New Delhi me not got no worry
And if you fuck wit me I gonna dash mah curry..

Saturday, November 05, 2005

a leaf falling off the tree of procrastination

They are gone. The house is quiet and feels empty. We try to keep the TV on loud for the comfort of background noise. Today was a beautiful day here it was 64 degrees in the first week of November! Most of the leaves are down already thanks to the strong wind on Thusday. But there were still some trees with yellow leaves, and a carpet of leaves on the street...The bright sunlight gave the whole area a soft, golden glow as light filtered through the leaves.

We spent the afternoon bumming around downtown. We went for a walk to the waterfront and then went to Church Street for coffee. We talked with a beauiful woman, Grace. She was selling digital art created by her husband, printed and matted by her. They were really interesting pieces. Thay were pics of nature with hidden images within them, there was a beautiful mountain scape in which was embedded a naked woman in a fetal position, it was very intriguing and beautiful. We bought two pieces.

We are leaving Vermont in 6 weeks. I can't believe it. I will really miss it a lot. I have never been to texas before, and i haven't heard good things about it, except for austin, everyone we hope that austin really is the little blue lagoon in a very red state. Moving away from here is really the end of an era in our lives, our first home after marriage..the south will be an adventure no doubt. i've been thinking i would like to travel all my life.

anyway i'm rambling..we watched Proof last night. It was an interesting movie. I LOVE Gwenyth and Anthony Hopkins, they were superlative. But Mr. Jake Gyllenhall, left ALOT to be desired, he was totally outclassed..when he came on I felt as though he had just walked in off a soap opera set and strolled into the wrong movie!Oh well.

Today poor Sheroo and Palu had their annual vet exam. They were so scared, they meowed loudly all the way in the car. while we were waiting with them in the lobby a dog showed up and started barking...sheroo just froze..when they were taken away from the canine they received two injections! Since coming home, he has crapped outside the box twice to show us what he thinks about his cat hates me =(