Friday, December 09, 2005

Holy cats!

NEWS FLASH: I'm pregnant and I have the pregnancy from hell. I am ravenous all the time, to the point that my stomach hurts if I don't put something in every 30 mins. Its completely ridiculous..this is not as much fun as it could be at all because I throw up everything I eat 5 times a day, morning sickness is just another euphemism to keep the ladies producing, try 24 hour sickness. The foods I can keep down are soy milk yuck crackers like paper bananas, cheerios, dahi rice and d keeps tryign to give me steamed broccoli yuck yuck. Also I have a constant headache, acidity, I'm tired all the time and I pee non stop. And the cherry, I cry and I mean sob for no apparent reason. i feel like I 'm being hazed...pregnancy is my pledging process..involving secret torturous rituals I have to go through to belong to the sorority of motherhood...this sucks. I've heard it gets better after the first trimester..from all that I've seen so far I know the worst is yet to come...all these poor moms have to go through all this torture an dmummy did it 3 times! WHY? Apparently birthing babies also involves losing brain cells..lets see how stupid I get...well I am being negative, I know, I know, I'm worried after my last failed attempt, I want to try and be detached, just incase I don't carry to term. We'll see. D is a darling, I can't imagine going through this without him, he is a darling...he has spent alot of time and money trying to feed me good nutritious food. God thank you for him.