Monday, April 27, 2009

queen of procrastination

Now that I have enough work to get done, I turn towards my poor neglected blog with renewed zest. Old habits die hard, throughout my student years when exams were around the corner I would do a DEEP cleaning of my room for days. I'd make detailed time tables and schedules of what I would study when and then discuss them with my study partner..another accomplished study shirker like myself. We would 'study' all night long and sleep during the day claiming the lack of distraction was good for us. We were very punctual about our 'update conversations' which happened after every two hour session of 'studying'. I did this, this and this what did you do? You fell asleep?? OMG okay let me teach you all I know. The phone conversation would go on for an hour..but the next break was never pushed out. I'm amazed I passed ANY exam in my life.

Anyway, I don't have any exams coming up but there is another baby coming in a few months! I was in complete denial for the first 14 weeks or so. I felt soo crappy I would tell myself everyday, this is not really happening. Tomorrow I will stop throwing up, weeping and snapping at the world and look for a job like I planned to do when Anika goes to school. But alas by week three of Anika's preschool I was in the throes of first trimester mayhem. Yuck. First trimesters are no fun. Anyway its behind me now, I have my energy back but I am in no mood to do all the stuff that has piled up on my plate. I have to edit two videos for friends, one for a non profit in CA, organize all the closets in the house, create a better play area for Anika, frame a bunch of stuff..and on and on. So finally I've found the time to do something that is not on my list, BLOG! I predict I'm going to be very regular around here for sometime.