Tuesday, November 27, 2007

restorative holiday

Having D home for the past week has been wonderful. We didn't have any major plans just hanging around the house, doing errands and meeting friends. We really needed the down time. His job is so stressful and busy it feels as though during the week we don't have any time to even talk. He gets home, we have dinner, clean up, bathe baby and then its bed time, most nights I'm so exhausted I fall asleep while putting her to bed. This past week we did everything together going to the park, the doctor, eating, playing, cooking, cleaning..everything, he got to witness our mama daughter days. Thumki was spoilt rotten with both of us around ALL the time, even a slight little 'bunk' had to be kissed better by both parents. She was glowing with all the love. It was as if she knew it wasn't going to last long so she capitalized on papa time as much as possible..a happy side effect was that I had many morning coffees to myself reading and pontificating..aah bliss. I feel revitalised now, ready to take on long days once more.

Today we went for a play date to a public park by the lake. Mama E brought pumpkin muffins and apples. Thumki ate a little apple and then wanted to run around and explore. She saw the lake in the distance and kept walking towards it while saying 'Ya yome, ya yome' that's 'I want, I want'. She walked quite a long distance, undeterred by my pleas to slow down and collect some leaves, this was the purpose/theme of the playdate. She marched on resolutely till she reached the little lake. She was thrilled to see the sun glinting off the water and little ducks swimming around, she wanted to get in immediately! I had a tough time distracting her away from this desire.

She looked so adorable in her latest Nani made sweater...my camera is not working so I can't post a pic, if one of the other mama's took a pic I will put it up so mama can see her handiwork on her precious little grand daughter. I feel so lost without my camera, I have to have it fixed before our India trip. I have visions of choti playing in mapa's building and walking around in the macchi market pointing at all the cats in delight, chasing the dogs around the building and generally being a big star! She will LOVE it, little diva that she is. I'm really looking forward to going to Bombay and blogging there, I want to take tons of pics. I'm looking forward to meeting Sur and lil Sanah.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

tryptophan zindabad!

Turkey day at V&A's was delicious and decadent, we ate like pigs..V had the best plan, as always..that woman really thinks things through. We showed up at around 11 and the kiddos played a bit and then they were fed. The turkey and the timing did the trick, they both fell asleep by 1:30! We all actually had an adult conversation over wine and lit candles! It was a socially deprived toddler parents' dream come true..

We started with the best pumpkin soup I have ever tasted, I mean I had two bowls despite the other goodies that were to come. It was flavorful, tasty and soothing to the soul..

After that she had laid out (at the perfect temperature), carved turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes with marshmellos and slivered almonds on the top, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, a bean casserole, cranberry sauce and bread rolls..yum yum. I took two big helpings and ate like a queen(pig). When I think back I wish I had eaten slower. Being a mama makes you eat under the gun..I was so nervous that baby would wake up any minute that I shoveled..sigh..but it was first rate shoveling=)

After that I swear I was trippin on the tyrpto or was it the wine or just the good company? I was so full I plonked on the couch and watched Nemo with Nikhil. I had to drink 2 cups of very sweet coffee to stay awake...Baby was still sleeping, I could have eaten so much slower..damn.

We ended all the goodness with a fat slice of yummy pecan pie each..mmm..

It was just the best day and so fitting that we got to spend a day of thanks with friends we are truly thankful for.

can i blog with a baby in my lap?

here take this doggy sticker..no don't touch that...dudu now? her word is 'ya yome' while poking the boobie. ok screaming has started..done b in m. kettle whistling downstairs..breaks off,

'toe ta to ya oooooo ooooooh', pointing in excitement.

'Yes that's the kettle for coffee..'

Today is Thanksgiving, we are very thankful for an invitation to V & A's place. I will post more about it later today. What else am I thankful for?

my child

my man

my ability to breast feed: no pic, my internet connection: no pic

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

some fun with baby

Thumki and me made a birdie, I was inspired by this post on a mom blog. This mama is amazing, she is so creative and full of energy..if only I could do half the stuff she does.
We made it as a card for lil Kabir who is in bed..I must say I had more fun than thumki, she is still too young for craft projects of this nature, it didn't stop me from boldly going forth and purchasing 'craft supplies' galore! I also made a simple pull toy for her from an idea I saw on a PBS show today, it took 1 min and she LOVES it! I was setting out to make a train but she preferred to have two separate compartments!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Making fun out of nothing at all

Ok its the beginning of a week of vacation, i need to chill and put away the snicker snacker for some peace.

I was sitting and enjoying a rare morning coffee alone, before she woke up and just about to start blogging when she called out..i asked D to take her because its his turn, considering I was a single parent yesterday all day, he came home after a work social event after she was asleep. Now this is unusual for him, I was happy he was doing something other than work and being dutiful at home because all work and no play does make him a dull boy. Anyhoo, so i was all supportive yesterday but in the fine print was, the long week is coming up, I can relax and get some much needed time to myself...He plucked her out of bed and plonked her next to me while I had the laptop on the top of my lap...er..hello? When you get her, you're responsible for the tasks that go along with the morning routine..susu, brushing, changing...? Alright its done, he's doing it, I should move on..

Parenting is tough on relationships, we argue over who does more..I think its important to have a conversation about chores. 50 -50 is the ideal, but is it practical? How do you compare tasks? How do compare work outside the house to cooking and childcare? Its hard to be very obsessive about scheduling/planning, I mean this is a family not a company, right? Earlier on we had tried to make a long list of things that need to be done, with names and days next to them..but it never works, never and it just creates more frustration and resentment when things do not go according to plan..I can't be like L who runs her household like a military establishment..you have to be home at this time, the kids have to sleep at this time, they watch only one hour of tv, no exceptions even if they cry. Dad has to make dinner on this day etc etc.

This morning D made a list of all that needs to be done in the time off and all the days have filled up with 'stuff' finances, appointments, cleaning etc. And this is his VACATION from a very stressful job..when does he get a chance to have down time? I guess as long as we keep going to the Park or taking Thumki on lil adventures in between all the work, it will feel like a holiday. I really want to buy some furniture and art supplies for her...

Ok this is perfect, while I'm sitting her pontificating dear D has thumki on the kitchen counter while he is putting together some flour to make pizza dough..baby is thrilled to be included, Now Anika, what we need is 4 and a quarter cups of flour'...Anika, 'Num num..mmm..yeh a aaah..a a a a,' arms flying. 'De dom'..Dad and baby are already on vacation, I need to go and join the fun!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Only creative outlet

I'm back after a long hiatus of worrying and writing imaginary posts in my head. I suppose I am not as rational as I thought I was. Despite all the years of education I was superstitioius and worried about 'online nazar'..sigh...The lil one was sick for a while, nothing unusual just two separate infections back to back that had me paranoid...I'm back with some trepidation but mostly from major withdrawal symptoms..my blog is currently my only creative outlet..Ok that's all the time I have for today..more later.

This amazing pic was taking by a friend from my mom's group, Bonnie Berry She is an artist.