Thursday, September 03, 2009


is how I feel. Today when I went to drop Anika off at Terra Luz, her pre-school, the most incredible music was playing, some Devi chants. Anika ran to the backyard to join her friends doing yoga and I just looked around at the amazing space Andrea has created for our children and it filled me up with emotion. Over the fire place is a large print of the backs of three children in b&w, the child in the middle has her arms around her two friends on either side of is so beautiful, I guess seeing it would be more effective...or rather seeing it with my eyes today. I stepped out and watched them doing yoga for a little while and seeing Anika so happy and excited really made my day.

I was so moved by my child's happiness, the music and the positive environment in Terra Luz that I wept the entire way to my doctor's appointment. My heart was open..I suddenly realized the immense blessing of my life. Of the people that surround me and love me. The blessing of becoming a mother again, the love of my dear husband, my daughter, my friends and my dear parents who are travelling all the way from India to be with me when the baby comes, despite their age.

While I was driving I was overcome with the realization of the life I'm carrying. Within me lies my son, my husband's son, my daughter's brother, our parents' grand child, my sisters' nephew...someone's friend, someone's love and someday someone's father.

Life is incredible, I am truly blessed.