Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sur full circle

This week I crossed over the cyber-real world line for the first time. I met one of my favorite bloggers, Surabhi and her adorable Sanah..I first read her blog two years ago, when Sanah was 6 months old and Anika was still within.

As we came in from the heat and dust of a gruelling rickshaw ride, Sur had cold nimbu pani ready, my favorite. She and Sanah seemed so familiar even though it was the first time we had laid eyes on each other. So bizarre and so cool. I don't even know what we talked about, it was like meeting a family member, just gup-shup, khana. I wanted to talk about our things in common, but we didn't even go there. It took George to ask me what films I've made before that obvious commonality even surfaced. We were like, oh ya..our films. We started talking about work a little but like mother's usually are, we were interupted by our toddlers in turn and it was cool, half finished conversations were the norm.

Then I was fed a delicious meal of bhindi, tendli, MA ki Dal amd rotis yum. I was very pleased. The kids were being entertained by Tai while we chatted about film and drinking stories! It was incredibly adult and fun. I think I laughed too much, maybe I seemed over eager? I didn't mean to be, I was just so overjoyed at having an adult conversation I couldn't help myself. I was thrilled at the situation. Here I was in a filmmaker/writer's house that I happened to chance upon in my desperate searches for community when I was pregnant in a new city. I devoured Sur's words about motherhood, moodiness, film, friends everything. She was all my own, something I did for myself in snatches of free time from routine. And here I was having lunch with her in Bombay.

Surabhi was warm , funny and interesting like her writing. I really enjoyed meeting her. Thanks Surabhi for opening up your home to us.

Anika had a blast shouting, 'Ko come' in the balcony with Sanah, that's crow come.

Here is my tag completed, finally

A -Available?

B-Best friend:
dh and my sisters

C-Cake or Pie?
moist, dark, chocolate cake

D-Drink of choice:
adrak chai, red wine, good chillllled beer, nimbu pani, cold water.

E-Essential thing used everyday:

F-Favourite colour:

G-Gummi bears or worms:
bears, like to bite their heads off

mumbai meri jaan

anything sweet

J-January or February:

K-Kids and names:
one Anika

is good, complex and always changing.

M-Marriage date:
August 11th, chosen because it represented two people standing next to each other in equality, the 11 part August was circumstantial.

N-Number of siblings:

O-Oranges or apples:

that i will stop dreaming. that the spark will die/fizzle

Goethe's quote, 'Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.' Also as a companion quote is, 'i am your idea, use me or lose me.' a taunt I saw in an ad somewhere.

R-Reason to smile:
my baccha

cool, cloudy, green

T-Tag three people:
sunshine, kaat, bonnie

U-Unknown fact about me:
can't think of anything witty to say

V-Vegetable you do not like:
slimy bhindi

W-Worst habit:

X-x-rays you have had:
teeth and foot

Y-Your favorite food:
mama made tairsaadam(yoghurt rice)